Case Studies

Case studies

Ybone is a hugely popular ad server designed for web publishers. It gives you the tools you need to make the most from online was started by Rodney Hendrix in 2007 to be a full-service Internet Solutions Provider. offers a broad range of World Wide Web (WWW) services. We offer the following services: Internet Access, Web Hosting, Website Design, Web Hosting Reseller, Data Storage.Ybone offers free display ad serving software, which allows users to choose their own banners, campaigns and terms. Its flexible system, which makes it easier for display advertisers to take control of their advertising, has been widely praised. According to Matt Asay, writing for the CNET Blog:

"With its competitors (like DoubleClick/Google) taking 40-50% of a website's advertising revenues, Ybone' model of charging peanuts to advertisers to source publishers is a big boon to content publishers, 30, 000 of which have signed up to use Ybone."


SavvyStay is a Social Networking site designed with cultural exchange in mind. We hope you will be able to host friends and families from various cultures and be able to travel far and wide, experiencing various cultures. It is a honor system encouraging you to explore places you might otherwise avoid because now you have someone in those destinations. 1) Hosting, 2) Being a Guest, 3) Networking with friends, 4) Managing your information, 5) Security is an online search engine that launched in Calgary, Alberta in June of 2007. ThisCity's mission is to provide a complete local search and city portal and low cost advertising alternative to traditional print media. With everything from events, restaurants and nightlife to movies, jobs and more; it is the definitive local search.

Here members can add their banners to this site then he can create event, jobs, coupon, company general info and our solution will display their banners according to number of factors. Also, member can see all statistics (banner impressions, banner clicks and many more things in daily/monthly view) in his control panel. Member can decide his targeted user also. Our solution will calculate billing automatically and member can pay himself.


GlobalService is a manufacturing unit which process based on Quotation. Dreamajax prepared a Online Secure Sourcing Global Services-Quote-Manager and integrated ezupload. The ezupload allows control of incoming and out going quotes for multiple product lines. With control of named suppliers to send quote request onto. With the ability to give password access to customers for quote data log and supplier view for ease of data transfer to suppliers.