A campaign contains a number of creatives that can share delivery settings, or alternatively, different delivery settings can be assigned to each banner. Delivery settings can be altered to give total control over the frequency and duration of ad delivery, their prioritization, and the limits placed on them according to a variety of parameters.

Campaigns belong to individual advertisers, and you should create an advertiser before defining a campaign.

  • Multiple pricing models like CPM,CPC,CPA are supported.
  • Delivery Limitations can be afforded to individual banner.
  • Corresponding banner will be delivered with respect to the pricing model and size of campaign.
  • Configurable frequency capping and session capping.

The steps that we define what type of campaign will apply to this advertiser. The three campaign types are:

  • Contract: the creatives for a contract campaign are delivered a pre-arranged number of times per day for a specific number of days.
  • Contract (Exclusive): An exclusive contract campaign's creatives will take up all impressions, and is prioritized above all other campaigns.
  • Remnant: a standard campaign type that can be limited according to an end date or other specific limit

There are some specific details for the campaign:

  • Date: enter the campaign's applicable start and end dates here.
  • Pricing: allows you to set the campaign's pricing model (cost per mille/click/action, etc.), the rate/price, and impressions.
  • Priority in relation to other campaigns: the default priority level is 5. Set your priority level between 1 and 10 (10 being the highest priority), and limit impressions/clicks or conversions, if desired, to a certain number per day.
  • Delivery capping per visitor: Here you can limit campaign views to a certain number either in total or per session.
  • Miscellaneous: if desired the advertiser and websites associated with this campaign can be hidden, and/or companion positioning can be assigned. When the latter option is enabled, Adnetwork will attempt to deliver all ads from this campaign together on the same page when displaying to the end user.