Ad Reporting

The evaluation of the success of the banner advertisement evaluations must be made by the Adserver, which is indicated to the user of the Adservers in as clear and versatile a form as possible. Beside table data also diagrams and graphs should be present, visualize the insertions, Clicks and clicking rates.

Fastidious Adserver offers extensive evaluations, which are classified also very finely after times of day, weekdays, days, months, groups of interests etc.

In this Reporting, Advertiser can view the Clicks, Impressions, Unique clicks, Unique Impressions based on the Ads,Websites & country.

Apart from the common reporting Adnetwork will provide the following reports

  • Real Time Statistics Report
  • Country Statistics
  • Websites performance for Advertisers
  • Account Statistics
  • Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers
  • Rich Media Interaction Time
  • Monthly Statistics Report
  • Graph for statistics
  • Google maps for statistics